1689 Weekly Chapter 3 Paragraphs 1-3

The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith is a tried and true teaching tool. It lays out the faith in a clear, systematic way and shows the connections among doctrines. It also serves as a standard by which teaching in the church can be measured. Below, you will find a portion of the Confession to be read weekly alongside scripture.
Chapter 3 Paragraphs 1-3
Chapter 3 - God's Decree
1. From all eternity God decreed everything that occurs, without reference to anything outside himself.1  He did this by the perfectly wise and holy counsel of his own will, freely and unchangeably. Yet God did this in such a way that he is neither the author of sin nor has fellowship with any in their sin.2  This decree does not violate the will of the creature or take away the free working or contingency of second causes. On the contrary, these are established by God’s decree.3  In this decree God’s wisdom is displayed in directing all things, and his power and faithfulness are demonstrated in accomplishing his decree.4
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2. God knows everything that could happen under any given conditions.5  However, his decree of anything is not based on foreseeing it in the future or foreseeing that it would occur under such conditions.6
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3. By God’s decree, and for the demonstration of his glory, some human beings and angels are predestined (or foreordained) to eternal life through Jesus Christ,7 to the praise of his glorious grace.8  Others are left to live in their sin, leading to their just condemnation, to the praise of his glorious justice.9
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